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I’m a 41-year-old widower with five children. My oldest is 15 and the youngest is eight years old. I lost my wife almost eight years ago when my youngest was just a few months old. Our situation was dire; I couldn't manage to take care of the kids, work and cook. The help I received from Ohr Rachel helped me get back on my feet and made sure that I didn't collapse under the financial and emotional burden of everything that had happened.

I would like to thank the incredible Ohr Rachel organization. I had gone through a surgery and was very weak. I couldn't buy or make my own food, and my family was under very difficult financial pressure due to the surgery. The food we received from Ohr Rachel saved us. Words cannot describe how helpful Ohr Rachel has been to our family. Many thanks!

I have five children and have been receiving Ohr Rachel's hot meals for the past four years. Three months after the birth of my youngest daughter, my wife passed away from pancreatic cancer. We were struggling financially before my wife's passing, and after she passed things got worse. My children were depressed and said that they missed their mother's food; what I was making wasn't working. But once we started receiving food from Ohr Rachel, the children began to eat again and this heavy burden was lifted from me. Ohr Rachel takes care of us, and even takes requests from my children of special dishes they like to eat.

Hadar is a mother of four who is dealing with a mentally disabled husband and child suffering from a brain tumor. Hadar also struggled with severe poverty before her family's health issues, but once her daughter was diagnosed with cancer she had to stay in a hospital for prolonged treatments. Without a husband capable of working and taking care of the kids, Hadar didn’t know where to turn. When she called her voice was trembling. Now with all that's going on, at least she doesn't need to worry about how she will feed her kids their next meal.

I personally know the holy Sharabany family that have dedicated themselves to better the lives of others in need. They do it with respect and compassion. Ohr Rachel feeds many sick and poverty stricken families. I urge everyone to help this great endeavor and important mitzvah! All those who have mercy on others, Hashem will have mercy on them!

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